Learning and Development

The Company values employees’ learning and development, and plans the training development for employees systematically. The Company provides the employees with the internal and external training programs that may help them improve their work skills and knowledge, including general educational training, professional training and competency training, subject to the employees’ job responsibilities and performance development, and organizational strategies.

♦ Personal career development

  1. The management is able to participate in the planning of corporate vision strategies frequently, and provides abundant diversified growth opportunities to train co-workers and grow with the Company together.
  2. The Company provides a dual-track system for management and professional career to help workers promote successfully.
  3. Value the transfer and experience of the internal functional units within the organization

♦ Performance-oriented system

  1. Execute the performance management cycle, and value the planning, execution, supervision and feedback of the employees’ work objectives
  2. Value the performance as the basis for promotion and transfer
  3. Reward system related to design performance

♦ Training development system

  1. Develop the three major training programs, namely management competence, core competence and professional competence training, and plan the overall courses per the competence needs.
  2. The various training programs, including internal and external training courses for design/ on-the-job training (OJT) / study on knowledge documents/license issuance, improve the employees’ expertise and organizational competence.

♦ Industry-academia cooperation

    The industry-academia cooperation with domestic academic entities helps the continuous interaction and sharing of research results with the academic entities leading the research on technology.