Welfare measures

♦ Compensation system

  1. Allocation of the Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival and year-end bonuses
  2. Allocation of the performance bonus to the colleagues with outstanding performance
  3. Offer the fund to departments for group gatherings
  4. Allocation of the performance bonus per the Company’s business performance, employees’ personal performance and achievement rate of the organization’s targets
  5. Allocation of the bonus to employees per the Company’s business performance, employees’ personal performance and achievement rate of the organization’s targets
  6. Offer the employee stock options if the Company completes the cash capital increase.
  7. Offer restricted stocks and treasury stocks to employees

♦  Welfare measures

Omnibearing insurance protection

In addition to the labor insurance and national health insurance required by law, the Company also provides the omnibearing insurance protection, such as overseas business travel insurance and group insurance programs (life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance and occupational accident insurance) to the employees at its own expenses, in order to help the colleagues work without worries.

Provide the allowance for dormitory

The colleagues from other counties and cities who rent house outside the Company may apply for rental allowance so that they would be more concentrated on adjusting and adapting their new work and the new environment at the very beginning.

Free fine dining

The self-organized staff restaurant offers free fine dining at lunch break and dinner time in a comfortable environment. The nutrition and sanitation can be balanced, and employees are saved from the inconvenience and trouble dining outside, allowing the employees to have more time to prepare for the work and challenge.

Considerate health care

In order to remind you to care about your personal health, the Company organizes two free health checkups for the senior management and general employees periodically each year. Professional nurses will be responsible for checking and guarding all workers’ health.

Comfortable working environment

All of the colleagues recognize the exquisite, comfortable and bright working environment provided by the Company. In addition to the free coffee and lounge that may help relax one’s body, mind and soul, the beautiful plants are visible all over the Company. The pleasure mood may help maximize your work efficiency.

Free parking lot

In order to save the colleagues from the trouble in looking for parking spaces at work, the Company provides parking spaces for cars and motorcycles without charge and maintains safety with the surveillance system running 24 hours each day.

Gift money & subsidies

The Company recognizes that colleagues are the Company’s largest assets and, therefore, establishes the “Worker Welfare Committee”. Meanwhile, the Company will regularly grant the gift money or coupon on May 1, Labor Day, and three major festivals each year. All workers may receive various subsidies for marriage/baby shower/housewarming/funeral/occupational injury/birthday/educational scholarship/ employees' domestic and overseas travels, in accordance with the Company’s regulations.

The employees who get married and organize funerals can receive the subsidy
from the Worker Welfare Committee and also the Company.
Subsidy for day care allowance

In order to help all workers solve the day care problem to stabilize the labor productivity and practice gender equality in employment, the Company offers the annual subsidy for day care allowance and signs the contract with certain day care service institutions for performance of the day care service.

Brilliant club activities

The diversified club activities, such as billiard club, table tennis club, baseball club, bowling club and photography club, etc., allow you to have the chance to enjoy your favorite recreational activities after work.

Company activities
  1. The Company provides the optional welfare programs at a fixed amount. You may choose the subsidies for domestic and overseas travels based on your personal preferences.
  2. The Company organizes various activities, including the paintball competition, Moon Festival BBQ, Christmas dinner party, softball game, and year-end party, to make your life more colorful.
  3. Discounts offered by multiple recreational and entertainment merchants