Job Vacancy and Recruitment

USUN invites you, the talent who has the enthusiasm for learning and global view and actively pursues the improvement on technologies and operating procedures, to join our technology development and manufacturing team to create more powerful research and production momentum and also improve the integration level of high-tech industry throughout Taiwan amid the cooperation and competition of the upstream and downstream dealers in the same industry.

Welcome to join USUN>>

You choose USUN because you are looking forward to indefinite possibilities.

In USUN, You will see that all of the co-workers never stop pursuing the improvement of technology and excellence of manufacturing and optimization of customer service.

If you are a talent specialized in mechanical design with "unlimited creativity", please join us and you will achieve the goal of "borderless salary". You may work with the elites in the industry, learn how to be brave to face challenges, and exert your potential through the complete learning development plan. As long as your performance satisfies the Company’s expectation, the Company will reward you the generous remuneration and you will have a chance to earn the remuneration superior to the peers in the same industry, find out the diversity and pleasure in the life of USUN, and enjoy the work & life balance.

Maximize R&D momentum and found the R&D Center in Taipei

Since USUN was founded, it has upheld the enterprise culture insisting on “Satisfying Customer and Creating Future Together”, in order to provide customers with the most cost-effective equipment.

The Company is used to taking advantage of its strength in 100% independent development of product technology. In the future, to provide customers with more fine-quality products and services, the Company establishes the R&D Center in Taipei to maximize the current R&D momentum and the leadership.

Welcome the young people with ambitions and aspirations to join USUN’s R&D and design teams.

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Like the rising sun, USUN is emerging to bring light and kindness to the earth and awaken all creatures. Without a salary cap, as long as you are competent, you may easily get high pay. Please join the USUN family to work with us to build the dream and achieve the goal. USUN will help you find a new direction in your future life.