Social Participation and Employee Care

Friendly Workplace

USUN Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building a safe, healthy and fair working environment and is expected to build a fine-quality environment in which all employees can work with pleasure and enjoy their life, and also balance the quality of personal and family life and physical and mental health at the same time, so that the employees may work without worries and develop their work potential.

The Company provides a nursing room, a billiards area, a staff restaurant, free coffee, and lunch/dinner, etc.. 。

Charity Activities

"Taken from the community, giving back to society" as USUN’s core value, USUN develops the sustainable corporate social responsibility strategy. It not only promotes various charity activities on its own, but also encourages and leads its employees to participate in the activities. Also, it works with other non-profit-seeking organizations to build a partnership to feed resources back to society.

  • Hsihai Elementary School Graduation Ceremony/Sports Meeting - In-Kind Sponsors
  • Xihai Village Community Development Association - Sponsored Money Gift for Moon Festival
  • Xihai Village Year-End (Environmental Protection) Gala Party - Sponsorship Fee
Environmental Protection

Environmental protection plays a very important role in corporate social responsibility. USUN includes the concept of environmental protection into its business policy, and values the implementation of green energy and carbon reduction in the R&D and manufacturing of products. In line with globalization, USUN makes itself a top enterprise and should also take its social responsibility and contribute to environmental protection.。

  1. Use of renewable energy: Install 387KW solar module on the factory’s roof
  2. Reduction in power consumption: Replacement of the lamps with LED lamps in whole at the factory premises helps save the power by 50%.
  3. Recycling of waste: Recycling of waste paper, scrap iron and aluminum parts
  4. Reduction in water consumption: Replacement of certain toilets with watertight toilets helps save power by 20%.
  5. Implementation of electronic operating system: Recycle and reuse paper, and apply double-sided printing to reduce paper consumption.
  6. Reduction in the consumption of paper cups: Promote the adoption of eco-friendly cups in meeting rooms.

In order to achieve business sustainability, we will continue to use the best effort to fulfill the corporate environmental protection responsibility, maintain the environmental quality and build a better future actively.

Safety and Health Management

In order to create a safe and sanitary working environment, the Company complies with domestic laws and regulations governing safety, sanitation and fire protection. Meanwhile, with respect to the high-risk operations, machine and environment, the Company provides adequate safety equipment and personal protection gears, and the training to provide employees with necessary knowledge and skills about safety and health. In order to achieve continuous improvement, our mission aims at attaining the target of zero disasters.

  1. Safety and Health Management

    In order to practice the occupational safety and health policy, the Company invests human resources, materials and property to plan and implement employee safety and health training, such as, safety and health certification courses, on-the-job training, contingency exercise, CPR+AED first aid training and health promotion courses, in order to improve the colleagues’ knowledge and skills about safety and health.

  2. Delegation of Contingency Team

    In the case of any unusual circumstance or accident, the labor safety unit shall broadcast it immediately upon receipt of the relevant notice, and notify to establish the contingency team at the factory premises to take immediate actions and exert the abilities to respond to emergencies, so as to mitigate the casualty and loss caused by the disaster. The emergency response facilities at the factory premises are stated as follows:
    (1) Information about contingency: Including the factory floor plan and contingency flow charts, etc.
    (2) Fire protection control: Including fire protection system, urgent smoke emission system, key area surveillance and recording system, and broadcasting system, etc.
    (3) Emergency facilities: Including various hazmat suits, personal protective gears, self-contained air breathing apparatus, and leakage response equipment, etc.

  3. Establishment of safety and health Committee

    The Company has established the occupational safety and health committee, which would convene meetings to discuss issues about environmental protection and safety & health periodically on a quarterly basis. Meanwhile, the Company elects the laborers’ representative pursuant to laws and provides the management and employees with the official channels for face-to-face communication about the issues, such as environmental protection and safety & health, in order to practice the environmental protection and safety & health management.

Guarantee of human rights

In addition to complying with relevant labor laws and regulations, the company has formulated employee handbooks and management regulations, and also supports the spirit and basic principles of human rights protection revealed in international human rights conventions such as the "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "United Nations Global Covenant" and "International Labor Conventions" , and is committed to integrating the principles and spirit of human rights into the value and culture of the enterprise, as the company's commitment to human rights protection.
USUN Technology fulfills its corporate social responsibilities to protect the basic human rights of all employees and abide by labor and gender equality in the place where it operates.
Relevant laws and regulations, formulate relevant human rights protection, labor policies and implement relevant measures. The relevant human rights protection measures are as follows:

Focus on issues specific measure
Occupational Safety Management 1. Regularly monitor the workplace environment and maintain facilities and equipment to ensure workplace safety.
2. Regularly inspect and replace drinking water, lighting and fire protection equipment in the workplace.
3. Regularly implement labor safety and health education and training for employees on the job to improve employees' safety awareness.
4. The guardhouse is equipped with an automatic external cardiac defibrillator (AED), and first-aid training courses are regularly held every year, introducing CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation, fire escape, and AED operation methods.
maternal protection 1. Really follow the labor laws and the provisions of gender equality in work.
2. Set up a nursing room to take care of the needs of maternal colleagues.
Employee Health Management 1. Conduct regular employee health checks. 1. Conduct regular employee health checks.
2. Provides cancer screening items in the health screening program.
3. Contracted medical personnel come to the company regularly to provide health consultation services for colleagues.
4. Organize health education lectures from time to time to teach employees to promote physical and mental health and related knowledge.
5. Various associations have been established to encourage employees to have leisure activities and promote stress relief and exercise.
Prohibition of forced labor 1. Do follow the labor laws and regulations, and clearly stipulate in the work rules and related personnel regulations.
2. Through the attendance management system, the attendance time and overtime situation of employees are recorded, and employees and their direct supervisors are reminded of the overtime status and legal regulations, and overtime pay is issued according to law.
Eliminate Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 1. Discrimination and sexual harassment are clearly prohibited in the work rules and personnel regulations, and an equal and safe workplace environment is provided.
2. When new employees report to work, they will be informed of the prohibition of discrimination and sexual harassment courses to enhance employees' awareness of gender equality.
3.Provide complaint channels so that employees can express in time, and relevant cases will be handled by special personnel.
Employee Communication Channel 1. Provide employee complaint channel "I have something to say" mailbox, actively create a positive and transparent communication environment, and ensure that everyone's voice and suggestion can be responded to and improved in a timely manner.
1.Inclusion and Diversity and equality

Provide employees with a gender-equal and diverse working environment, uphold the principles of openness and fairness, regardless of individual gender, race, socioeconomic status, age, marriage, family status, language, religion, party affiliation, nationality, appearance, facial features, physical and mental disabilities etc., any language, attitude and behavior of discriminatory treatment。Ensure that the employment policy is non-discriminatory, implement the fairness and justice of employment, salary benefits, training, evaluation and promotion opportunities, and provide effective and appropriate complaint mechanisms to avoid and respond to situations that endanger the rights and interests of employees, and strive to create equal appointments and avoid discrimination Harassment-free work environment.

  1. forbid the use of child labourer:

    Comply with local minimum age laws and regulations, and do not employ child labor.

  2. Comply with basic salary:

    Provide employees with minimum wages and benefits that meet or exceed the requirements of local laws and regulations.

  3. reasonable working hours:

    Establish a legal and reasonable working hours management plan, and regularly care about and manage employee attendance.

  4. Health and Safety Workplace:

    Pay attention to workplace safety and hygiene, aim to build a safe and healthy workplace and zero occupational accidents, and regularly review employee health and safety risks, and carry out improvement plans based on the identification results.
    Monthly professional medical consultation and annual free health check for employees

  5. freedom of association:

    The company respects the rights of employees. Employees are free to form associations in accordance with the law, set up multiple associations, and actively promote colleagues to join the association group. .

Communication with Employees

Labor-Management Negotiation
Prepare the SOP for the direct communication between the employees and management, provide employees with diversified communication channels, promote the Company’s policies, systems, welfare policies and various activities, allow the employees to state their opinions sufficiently, and provide feedback and assistance in a timely manner. In order to achieve sufficient communication and effective solutions, convene the labor-management meeting periodically and set up the “I Want to Say Something” mailbox, in hopes of creating a happy enterprise jointly.

  1. Anti-bullying/sexual harassment mailbox
  2. I Want to Say Something mailbox
  3. Employee satisfaction survey
  4. Quarterly labor-management meeting
Education & Training

Under the training and development system, we provide the occupation-based courses to improve the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes required from the employees who wish to achieve their career goals to help them continue education, take training and develop, so that employees can do what they are good at, become competent for their duties, continue to achieve the mission assigned by the organization, and keep creating the Company’s core competitiveness.

  1. Orientation training: New employees’ training and promoted management’s training.
  2. Professional training: Sales, production, R&D, finance, procurement and administration, et al.
  3. General education training: The Company's business mission, corporate culture, values, customer satisfaction and quality.
  4. Direct personnel training: Competency training for the assembly station.
  5. Project-oriented training: R&D project conference.
  6. Self-development training: On-the-job training.

Implementation of the educational training:
In order to improve the employees’ literacy and skills, the Company would perform the orientation training when the new employees report on for their duty, and implement the general and professional training, if necessary, periodically
The statistic data on the Company’s educational training 2020 are stated as follows:

Scope of Training Number of classes Number of trainees Total hours
New employees 36 69 414
Professional function - internal training 36 800 2352
Supervisor competency - external training 36 60 975
Total 108 929 3741
Welfare Policy

The Company’s welfare policy consists of the welfare measures provided by the Company and those provided by the Worker Welfare Committee. The employees may enjoy the robust welfare policy, which the employees positively recognize.

  1. Welfare measures provided by the Company:

    Three major festival gift money, labor and health insurance, group insurance (life insurance/accident insurance/medical insurance), business travel insurance, meals, accommodation, subsidy for tenancy rent, parking spaces, year-end bonuses, employee bonus and stock dividends, subsidy for childcare, winter and summer uniforms and safety shoes, regular meal bonus, free coffee and fresh milk.

  2. Welfare measures provided by the Worker Welfare Committee:

    Local and foreign tours, birthday party, birthday gift money, subscriptions to books, newspapers and magazines, incentive for children’s education, Chinese Lunar Year gifts, three major festival gift money, year-end dinner party and lottery, various assistance (wedding, funeral, ceremony and celebration) and club events, etc..

  3. Charity care program during the epidemic:

    (1) For the children's family epidemic subsidy, each family which has children under 12 years old or with physical and mental disabilities, each child shall be granted the epidemic subsidy.
    (2) The Company provides those who need certain bailouts financially with interest-free loans.
    (3) All employees maintain the epidemic prevention insurance at the Company’s expense.
    (4) Provide the epidemic prevention materials.